The Most Overrated Concepts

In life and business, waiting is overrated. The worst positions you can hold is to be the pro in your procrastination and the con in your construction. Many people put their dreams and passions on hold, waiting for ‘the perfect time’. Anytime after this very minute is not the perfect time to chase your dreams. The time is now. Success in life and business is achieved by living as if there’s no tomorrow. It is a well known fact that tomorrow’s not promised. So don’t let fear get in the way of your happiness. Just gather up enough courage and chase your goals. Remember that excuses are merely expressions of fear. Throughout my reality sessions (speeches where I keep it real with my audience), I always come across someone who truly wants to pursue their passions, but let the “but what if” control their subconscious and strengthen their un-productivity. Some say that they’ll study as much as they can before they take action, and end up still not taking action years down the road. If you’re continuing to put your success on hold until the next day and the next, ask yourself if you’re guaranteed to be here the next day. That line is what drove me to my success, and continues to control my vehicle. It is important to put miles on your vehicle before your engine goes bad.

In life and business, impression is overrated. The most impressive life is one lived to impress its owner. Live to help others, not impress them. Trying to keep up with the Jones’ will eventually turn into keeping up with the bills. Putting yourself in financial turmoil just for physical impressions is truly not worth it. I’m not one to say don’t get what makes you happy. But that is the key. Get what makes you happy. You are the only one you should intend to impress. Only then will the happiness of your outer life be parallel to your inner self. Let your knowledge and soul desire to help others speak for you, rather than physical attributes. The media portrays success to be in the form of financial status, cars, homes, etc. What you drive, where you live, and how much you make will never be more impressive than who you are as a person. The real value is through knowledge and opportunities which can allow others to reach their successes as well. Become more valuable by acquiring unlimited knowledge, and take action on helping others. That’s impressive.

In life and business, criticism is overrated. Too many people are concerned with what others think of them. This is the last thing to do if you’re looking to establish your unique individual character and achieve ultimate happiness with your life. What you think about yourself is who you are. Don’t let anyone get in the way of who you really are. Show love, honesty, integrity, and respect for every single person on this planet, but don’t be afraid to hold your ground and cut off someone who proves to be detrimental to your individuality. Treat the constructive and destructive criticism the same, only to apply them in your life as you see fit. Everyone lives in their own worlds, and no two worlds are the same. The more you stand for something, the more worlds are going to collide with yours. The key is to understand that and continue to stand for what you believe in and pursue your goals no matter what. Respect everyone’s worlds, but don’t allow another world to destroy yours. It is better to stand for something, than to fall for nothing.

What Do Hotel Guests Value?

A brief perusing of guest reviews of popular hotels throughout the country reveals guest services desks staffed by helpful people, comfortable rooms furnished with quality amenities and hotel supplies and great locations as consistent reasons why these hotels rank as the best of the best. Each of these elements must work with the others if they are to exceed expectations, garner rave reviews and earn repeat business for hotels. If guest services and hotel supplies in a comfortable room are satisfactory, for example, that might be ‘good enough’ but it’s not exceptional which, in the competitive world of hotels, leaves a hotel vulnerable when consumers compare hotels.

Hotels with guest rooms that are missing amenities can ruin an entire experience. While you might think this a little absurd, hotels know that what’s no big deal to one person might be very important to someone else. Whether it’s missing hotel supplies like coffee makers and table lamps or amenities like central air and beds in disrepair, everybody places importance on different things. Almost without exception, everybody appreciates a clean guest room with a warm ambiance that is furnished with quality hotel supplies and amenities. When hotels present guests with rooms that exude value and quality, everybody wins.

The guests services staff is an often overlooked but integral part of a great hotel experience. They can have as much of an effect on guests’ experiences as amenities. There’s a world of difference between employees in hotels that provide exceptional service and those who are there for a paycheck. Hotels that employ people who are delighted to bring guests missing or more hotel supplies shine. They enhance the guest experience but they make their hotel stand out, too. In fact, employees who are not guest focused can have the opposite effect of damaging hotels and their images. Answering calls promptly, fulfilling requests for forgotten or additional hotel supplies, treating every guest like they’re the only guest and going the extra mile are all important aspects of an exceptional guest services staff.

A comfortable guest room, given a welcoming ambiance thanks to modern amenities, is often home base during a vacation. It helps tremendously when hotels furnish guest rooms with quality hotel supplies that are useful and reflect value. Modern quality draperies, closets that double as full length mirrors and stylish table lamps are among the amenities that beautify a room while giving it functionality. Non-slip bath mats, complimentary toiletries and quality bed linens are among the hotel supplies that add value to a room. In fact, just as there are many facets to a successful vacation and a highly rated hotel, the same holds true for guest rooms and the amenities and hotel supplies used to furnish them.

For most travelers, expectations are as high as hotels set them. In other words, if the hotel they’ve booked boasts 400 count sheets, complimentary mini-bars and microwaves, among other hotel supplies, guests expect them to be in their room. While some might think people are being too picky if they complain because their guest rooms are missing a light bulb or other hotel supplies are not abundant, while some expectations may be unreasonable, if hotels promise, guests are right to expect it. Overall, happy guests are an integral part of excellent hotels. Most strive to please their guests every day, balancing great guest services with warm, welcoming guest rooms and exceptional hotel supplies and amenities. This combination allows hotels to exceed expectations which pleases everyone.